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Pasti Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Taipei. Established in the historic Nangang neighborhood in Taipei, PASTi Trattoria is the couple's vision of a classic Italian meal regional and seasonal ingredients, checkered tablecloth and rustic hospitality. Each detail evokes a sense of story, place, and genuine delight. Aperto a pranzo e a cena, il ristorante Pasti Trattoria offre una esperienza gastronomica senza imperfezioni, Il Ristorante Pasti Trattoria arredato con gusto e design personalizzato. Lo chef ha ideato personalmente i piatti gourmet serviti presso Il Ristorante sono improntati sulla semplicit, la sintesi e la ricerca della quintessenza del sapore. Seguendo una decisa diciplina Italiana ma in contatto costante con il pubblico locale, Pasti Trattoria offre un men che esprime al massimo livello la cultura, l'eleganza e lo spirito vitale del Made in Italy. PASTi由Past及italy 兩字組成,意指承襲了過去經典、傳統的義大利飲食文化。
而324 Print Studio楊忠銘老師Yang Chung Ming老師設計的Logo裏頭,除了含有PASTi的字樣,同時也象徵了PASTi Trattoria 像是一艘大船,乘風破浪、向前行駛,和大家一同探索世界,感受義大利的飲食文化及風土民情。 Chef Lee Wei Cheng和他的太太Chiang Meng Chen共同經營著這家義大利餐酒館,並始終堅定信念,奮力地找尋好食材,拓展生活面向,磨練人生的經驗值。期許透過不同階段的獲得與分享,造就更寬廣的料理視野及溫暖味覺的可能。



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No. 30, Zhongnan Street, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan


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Growing up with my grandmother's home-cooking, my passion for food and cooking grew from a young age.

Just like any Italian would claim his/her mother or grandmother is the best cook there ever is, Italians hold food traditions to their culture and guard it with love and fierce pride.

The reverence for food and how it's prepared stems from the importance of family in Italy. And that is also the case of Taiwan, where I was born.

The intriguing commons between the two culinary cultures are mesmerizing. What surprises me the most is how heartfeltly Italian dishes can call out to the taste of my childhood.

So I set out to discover more about Italy and its culinary philosophy through its landscapes, its traditions, and its people's way of life.

The stories of my journey become food on the table at PASTi, like a collection of stories in a bowl or on a plate, executed in low-key, utterly traditional manners.

No. 30, Zhongnan Street is the place where I grew up living with my grandmother and where PASTi now is. It holds my strongest memories, like the taste of my grandmother's home-cooking.

Chef Hans Lee

Pasti Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Taipei - Chef Story  traduzione self cheesecake edicola cucina
Pasti Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Taipei - Chef Story  traduzione self cheesecake edicola cucina
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